Friday, September 21, 2007

My Appointment with the Bobble Head

I had an appointment with my nutritionist today. By the way, I need a more interesting nickname for her, "L" doesn't do it. Can we call her Bobble Head because her head is disproportionately larger than her body. Ok, so during my appointment with Bobble Head I discovered that I have lost over 15" over my entire body. Not 15" from my waist but if you add up all the inches I lost from my neck, arm, upper & middle chest, ribs, waist, hips, abdomen, thigh & knee. I lost 3 1/2 -THREE AND A HALF- inches from my abdomen!!!!!!! Wooohoooo! Ok, but in pounds it's only 8 3/4 lbs. Not bad though. I was cranky when I left the house but after blasting Timbaland's "Scream" in the car and then finding out that I am in fact smaller I am now in a much better mood. Perhaps I will start to get up early in the morning to go for a run before my husband goes to work. LOL! We'll see about that. Anyway, after my appointments with Bobble Head I tend to feel like I should reward myself with a tiny cheat so I head over to Starbucks. Look, I know that rewarding yourself with food should be a no-no. I know that I should be rewarding myself with non-food things like a facial, mani/pedi, or a bubble bath but I don't have the cash to spend on a facial or mani/pedi and the bubble bath? When? By the time my little peanut is asleep I'm not interested in "relaxing" in a bubble bath. AND how can it be relaxing in the smaller-than-average-tub? It's customized small! No, seriously! I'm short but not that short. Whatever, anyway. So if I feel that having a tall skim decaf pumpkin spice latte after getting weighed I think it's ok. Someday when I'm rich I will HAPPILY spend the day at the spa when I reach my goal weight. How's that sound? Anyway, I'm at Starbucks to pick up my tall skim decaf pumpkin spice latte and as I'm walking in the door I'm holding the door for the woman behind me. Not stopping to hold it open, just passing off the open door. This BITCH! Personal trainer from New York Sports Club chatting on her freaking cell pushes past me and barely gets out an "oh thanks" and walks up to the counter. AS IF I WAS THE DOOR LADY AND AS IF I WASN'T THERE FIRST!!!! Apparently she frequents this Starbucks location more than I do and is treated like a queen. She walks up to the counter and everyone is all bowing to her and all "Oh! Hi Holy One!" and while chit chatting on her phone and barely looking at anyone there she extends her arm and flicks her starbucks card in the cashier's face. The barista quickly makes her coffee and the cashier swipes her card and she sort of glances at the guy and gives him a nod like "Good Dog! If I had a treat I'd throw it to you!" and then wonders off to the pick-up area. I kind of wanted to shove her and start a playground type fight in the middle of the place but I instead ordered a VENTI pumpkin spice latte with WHIP! How's that for fixing your inner frustration with food? It's ok, I don't always do that, just this time because I was hoping to catch up with her in the parking lot and "trip" so that my HOT latte would go flying all over her. By the time my latte was made I realized that she's the kind of bitch that has her lawyer in her top five and would have sued me for all the money I don't have. The judge would end up making me be her maid.

My parents brought my niece's old walker for Aislinn to play with today. She LOVES it but seems to only know how to walk backwards in it. It kind of pisses her off when she knows she wants to walk to me but ends up going in the other direction. What can you do? She just woke up from her 3 hour nap and is very chatty. I should probably go get her and stop writing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look I'm Posting! Alert the Media!

What? It's been TWO months you say? The last time I posted a lot was going on in our lives and I just needed some time away. Things are getting better, not good or great, but better. While I LOVE New England, LOVE CT, I don't know that leaving VA has been worth it yet. That being said I still have faith that things will all work out and I will eventually see that this was what was best for us. Howie has a job but it pays a lot less than his last job but pays more than unemployment. Right before Howie was offered his new job I freaked out and decided to look into doing direct sales to make money NOW! I'm making WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY less than I used to make but if I got an office job outside the home and had to pay for daycare I would barely be bringing any money home at all. I'm over qualified based on my work experience but under qualified based on my education. Whatever! I'm starting to panic a bit. Ugh! I mean, we're barely staying afloat right now even after my mom lent us a bunch of cash. Stupid freaking commons charges and stupid crappy condo! This whole condo complex we live in is sucking us dry and it's not even worth $5 a month. Anyway, I owe my former employer for health insurance because I barely worked during my last month of employment so the insurance isn't free. Then I have to pay COBRA for a month. We have yet to receive that bill but I really can't wait. Because we really have thousands of dollars laying around to pay for that.

I had been going to a nutritionist, acupuncture and yoga to help with my PCOS. The nutritionist takes credit card and my mom thought it was important for me to go so she paid for that. My nutritionist, "L", also offered to be my mentor while I'm in school... maybe someday I can work for her. Who knows! My acupuncturist, "S", is awesome! I love her! She doesn't take any shit from my uterus. I had my period for like 2 1/2 weeks at one point and then she laid down the law with my dysfunctional baby-maker. She stuck a couple of needles in my toes and the next day it stopped. My period returned a week or so later and went on for about 8 days and she broke out some smokeless herb and did something around my feet and the next day it stopped. I had a cold and she tapped in a couple of needles on either side of my nose to relieve my stuffing nose and then I flipped over so that she could do some cupping on my back which cleared up my lungs. Later that day I was feeling better! I love her and I can't imagine living without her now but she takes checks and my mom can't legally give me anymore money so it looks like I have to give up acupuncture. Yoga, well, I paid for four classes. I've only been to one so far but after the next three I won't be able to buy anymore because she only takes checks too. Yoga lady rocks the shit too. She said that I'm in touch with my body and could take a level 1 class if I wanted. Maybe I LOOK like I can handle a level 1 class but believe me, I felt like I was near death during most of the beginners class. So, I've got a nutritionist and that's it. That's not bad at all but between my nutritionist and acupuncturist I'd rather have my acupuncturist.

Alright people, I'll give you what you really came here for! Aislinn is now 7 months old. She and I now go to a Mommy & Me class which she LOVES but the woman who runs the class, "E", keeps pronouncing Aislinn's name "AYZ-LYNN" even after I politely correct her, "ASH-LYNN". Uggghhhhhh! In about 13 years Aislinn will be telling me how much she hates me because I gave her this crazy Irish name. Bleh. I still love it and I hope that she will someday. Anyway, there's a guy that works at the Mommy & Me place and he looks like Freddy Prinze Jr. when he was the Manny on Friends. I want to laugh every time I see him and tell him that I loved the recorder solo he did on the show. Anyway, Aislinn stands up, she says "da da" "ma ma" and "ma ma ba ba" when she wants to eat. She is a great crawler but really prefers to be in a standing position as much as she can be. She absolutely LOVES being outside so my mom is going to buy her a snow suit so that we can still go out in the winter. Bath time is tons of fun. We enjoy splashing and eating rubber duckies. She's adorable!

Now that we have more of a routine I should be able to keep you updated on Aislinn and other "events" in my life.