Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Last week Aislinn cut her first tooth. A day later a second popped out, number three and number four popped out on Monday. Within a week she went from that adorable baby gummy smile to 4 teeth!!! Believe me, she's cute teeth or not but my heart broke because suddenly my tiny little baby is growing up and her cute gummy smile is gone. It's replaced with an equally cute jack-o-lantern type smile which I also love. I guess that's part of being a parent. You're excited to see them grow up but you sometimes feel sad that they have to grow up so quickly. I'm never ready for the changes. The first tooth to come in was her upper left lateral incisor, the the upper right lateral incisor (the two teeth next to the two front teeth). Then with no warning the bottom middle two teeth popped up. Unless her upper front two teeth pop up she'll have a perfect space on top for her bottom two teeth to fit between her upper lateral incisors. That's why I call it her Jack-o-Lantern style smile.

I guess I should get you caught up on other things. On September 30th Howie and I went to the awful final Mets game with Aislinn. The Mets played horribly but Aislinn was super cute all dressed up in her Mets cheerleader outfit complete with socks and a hat. She was way cute, too bad she wasn't representing a better team. Oh well! Going to a baseball game with a baby wasn't as bad as I thought it wold be. She slept for 2 hours in the loud stadium, as did the Mets and most of the fans. She also had a two bottles and some strawberry banana puffs. YUM!!

Mommy & Me is going well. We graduated to the larger class with older kids because there weren't any babies in the class that Aislinn should have been in. She stands and "cruises" so she does well in the older class. It's hard to bond with the mom's though because they have this intense bond over the fact that their kids are all 10 months old and somehow to their surprise the kids birthdays are so close to one another. Wow! No shit? Your babies are all 10 months old and you say that all of their birthdays are around the same time?! I would have NEVER guessed that! Whatever, I kind of want to meet other moms and they kind of chat with me when Aislinn crawls over to their kids to play or their kid comes to play with mine but they always somehow seem to all end up in this little circle near the cheese mat to talk about how it's so cool that their kids birthdays all fall within this two week span. Bleh. Good luck going to all of those 1st birthday parties when you have your own to throw, bitches! FINALLY this week we met the one other mother who has an 8 month old daughter. I was so excited, not because I need to meet another mom who gave birth within two weeks of when I gave birth but because I clearly need to have a click of my own in order to make friends. The mom seems a bit shy and kind of worried that everyone thinks her daughter is huge for 8 months old. I don't know if she is or not, everyone says Aislinn is tiny for her age but I think she looks normal. Who really cares? Even if you ended up having the biggest baby in the U.S., who cares? Her daughter is absolutely gorgeous and to me she doesn't look freakishly huge. She's bigger than Aislinn but she doesn't look like a giant. HOPEFULLY she'll keep coming and we can form our own little group. Aislinn is making friends faster than I am though. She's very cute and silly when she's there. She likes to socialize with the kids and the Moms seem to like her too, they just aren't into Moms who gave birth during the month of January. Perhaps if I gave birth at the end of November or beginning of December I'd be ok. Enough complaining about that.

Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of when Howie and I got married. Hopefully I'll be able to get a haircut before our "date" tomorrow night. If we were in Hollywood we'd already be celebrating our RUBY anniversary, but we're not so this is actually flowers if you are traditional and linen or silk if your more modern. I guess you could combine them by getting a floral printed linen or silk item. Howie isn't much of a flower/linen/silk sorta guy so I don't think I'm going to worry about the gift. We're going out to dinner which is almost as exciting as going away on vacation for us. If we're lucky Aislinn will be asleep when we get home so that we can get it on when his parents leave. SWEET!!!