Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Way That My Infertility Can Screw Me Over

As you know, Howie and I are moving to CT. Like I said before, we have a contract on a house in Southern CT and our closing is scheduled for September 1st. Well, our first issue was that I wouldn't be there for the signing because not only will I be here watching the movers move our stuff out of the apartment, but I am on pelvic rest and my doctor has instructed me not to travel without assistance. Plus, it would be just stupid to travel up to CT, waste money on a train ticket and then drive back down for our pets. Anyway, there was the whole issue of me giving Howie Power of Attorney. The notarized form really goes to our lawyer handling the sale, but the bank that's giving us the loan wanted the original. Instead of just having me get another POA notarized they wanted to fight with our lawyer over who should get the one that had already been done. Well, the stupid 22 year old girl that works at the loan office and writes emails in Barbie Bubble Gum Pink to clients and the bank thought, for some unknown reason, that we were buying the house in NJ. Since we are actually buying a house in CT they won't be needing that POA from us, so I was then able to send the POA to the lawyers after a week of doing nothing with it at all. Instead of the POA they needed me to get a letter from my OB/GYN explaining that I am on pelvic rest and I can't travel without assistance which is why I gave my husband POA and then I needed to write a letter saying the same fucking thing. Ms. Barbie-Bubble-Gum-Pink-Loan-Girl reminds me of Tiffany from Lovespring International on Lifetime.

Then we had the issue with the fact that we had to borrow some money from my parents and Howie's parents for the down payment of the home. We had to have gift letters signed, copies of the checks, bank statements. The fact that they wanted to look into my mother and my father-in-law's bank accounts just pissed them off to no end because both of them felt that their privacy was being invaded because they were helping their kids out. Things were calmed down when they realized that they didn't have to show off all of their personal bank transactions. During this time there was more evidence that Ms. Barbie-Bubble-Gum-Pink-Loan-Girl was not quite right when she wrote Howie an email telling him that she no longer needed him to get a gift letter signed by his father because she had talked on the phone with his dad early that day and he had already signed and sent the letter to her. It turns out that his dad had NEVER talked to this girl and had NEVER heard about any gift letter until Howie mentioned it to him.

Then they sent us a huge list of things they'd need from us. Like 2004 and 2005 W-2s, a shit load of pay stubs, supervisors name and number, 3 goats, 2 chickens and our first born child. Since I wouldn't agree to giving them our first born child (considering I was barely able to obtain one for myself) I counter offered with 4 goats, 3 cows, 2 chickens and my barely used ovaries. They agreed and we all moved on.

Then came the big issue. The fact that my pay stubs from this year weren't reflecting my current salary or matching what my last W-2 showed is a major problem. Well, yes, I understand how that can look sketchy, but I had to move to part-time so that I'd have more flexibility with my hours during my fertility treatments because I had already used up all of my time off. Then once I was pregnant and had trouble keeping food down, bleeding, whatever, I had the flexibility and stayed home when I needed to. Anyway, I'm doing better now and I'm able to work more hours, things are fine. I'm also going to be working from my home in CT and I won't have to use sick days because if I'm sick I can sit in my bed in my pajamas with my laptop. It's all good. That doesn't help anything right now though. The bank is having issues because I wasn't working full time due to my fertility treatments so now they're asking all kinds of questions. I had to have my boss write THREE letters about why I was out and that after I move I will be working full time again. Because of the time I had to take off for my fertility treatments the bank was considering re-doing our loan based on my part-time salary instead of the real salary that I will now be earning!!! WTF!!! Not only do I feel like shit that I had to bother my boss three times to write three different letters I feel like shit for being infertile and fucking up our loan. We only have 9 more days until closing and I'm worried that this stupid issue will never get cleared up. Never would I have imagined (though I should have) that my infertility has any baring on wether or not we are granted a loan. Oh, and why did my boss have to write THREE letters to the loan office and bank? Because Ms. Barbie-Bubble-Gum-Pink-Loan-Girl was not able to properly communicate with the underwriter about what EXACTLY they needed my boss to say. When she told my husband that they were going to need a 3rd revision I went off. I told my boss and she nearly lost her fucking mind because, well, she has REAL WORK TO DO!!! Her job is not to write letters about my infertility issues and current job status for this stupid girl at the loan office. I told Howie that this was it, she had one last chance to get it right. That she better call that underwriter and write down EXACTLY what he needed the letter to say and then WRITE the letter and then SEND it to me so that I could forward it to my boss who would then sign the letter for the VERY LAST TIME and then they were to NEVER bother her again. So, she wrote the letter and emailed it to us. It's signed and a PDF copy has been sent to them. Let's just hope this is the end of it!


soralis said...

As if moving isn't stressful enough? Does Barbie-bubble-gum-pink have a boss? I think he/she would be getting a call! What a bunch of crap!

Take care and I hope it all works out.

Brenda said...

OMG! what a load of CRAP! Punch that stupid ho in the face! I am sorry you are going through so much shit just to get your new house. Don't you love how everything is such a damn buraucracy and nothing can get done easily? It's truly bullshit.

Anyway, I know it will all work out and Howie will take care of everything, bc well, he's Howie and that's what he does. lol. Only a week and you get to move and then get settled and live with him again! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to come visit later in the year. I love you kitten!


MoMo said... frustrating. I hope everything is cleared up by now and the closing will go without a hitch! Thinking of you!

sube said...

Yikes. That all just sounds painful, painful, painful. And I thought insurance companies were bad. Hope it all goes smoothly from here on out.