Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Should Be Fired

Not from the job that I was already fired from but from blogging on my blog. I SUCK at keeping up with my blogging at the moment and I keep saying that I'll get better yet here I am posting a month after my last entry. Reasons I have been too busy to blog:

1. Completing all the work I had left before what should have been my last day of work.
2. Keeping up with all the new work from many random people who were bullied into giving me busy work by my former boss who was worried about me, Howie and her "AGD" (Almost Granddaughter) after learning that Howie was fired from his job on the first day of my unemployment.
3. Aislinn is getting to be a big girl and wants to explore new places beyond her tiny playmat on the floor. That means that it's not as easy to get things done because when she does her little inch worm move off of the mat onto the rug she cries because the rug hurts when you slide your head across it. More details about this subject below. The main point is that all of this exploring that she does keeps me busy because she is no longer just hanging out in one spot enjoying her toys.

So there you go. That's why I have been missing. I hope to catch up with all of your blogs soon and keep up on mine. Now that Howie is home it should be getting a little bit easier. How great is that, both Howie and I being unemployed? Both of us let go due to the fact that there is absolutely NO MONEY coming in to pay either of us! Great! Right? I'm semi-unemployed. Luckily I have the most awesome former boss on the planet. I'm like the child she never had. For the past 5 years of my life she has really been there for me, professionally and personally. She is a wonderful person and I love her and miss her so much. She didn't want to let me go, but they just didn't have the money in their budget to keep me. They can barely afford to keep her but since she is the HR Manager they really couldn't live without her. She was trying to find some work in the office for me to do but considering she has a whole lot of work and not much help she hasn't had time to hunt things down. As soon as I told her Howie lost his job she ran around the office finding work for me from projects that have some extra money in their budget. It's not full-time work, but it's enough to make a little bit of money and keep my insurance for another month. She hopes to find some more work for me in July, but can't promise it. I'm searching for jobs and I guess I'll file for unemployment in July. Our parents have offered to help if we need it. We'll be ok. I wasn't this relaxed when he told me. In fact, I wanted to puke when he called to tell me he lost his job. After totally freaking out I decided that everything would work out just fine. I could be in denial. Whatever, I'm sticking with that.

Enough about the unemployment. Bleh! Aislinn has started solid foods. YAY!! She LOVES cereal, squash, and so far seems to enjoy carrots. In a couple of weeks she will start fruit. She is good at eating, doesn't really play with her food but if we don't put that spoon in her mouth fast enough she will grab our hand and guide it in. She likes to hold her spoon herself sometimes. When she has a bottle she likes to hold it herself. She was able to roll from belly to back and back to belly since April 25th but didn't really do a whole lot of rolling onto her belly simply because she preferred laying on her back. She got over that and rolls onto her belly all the time now. She also loves to grab her feet and at times tries to get them both in her mouth at the same time. She has also recently decided that she enjoys eating her hand. She has always liked "chatting" quite a bit but has started trying out a few new sounds. I love her cute little squealy voice. She's perfect! She's trying to crawl right now but it's more like an inch worm kind of move, sometimes it's kind of like a yoga downward facing dog pose. The back end wants to go places but the front end isn't sure how to travel yet. She wants to pull herself along with her arms but that doesn't work. So her legs will get going and her little butt goes up in the air and her front end starts to get pushed along. By front end I don't really mean arms, I mean her head kind of runs along the floor and she cries because her face is getting roughed up. After a while she completely collapses on her belly with her face right into the floor and screams at the top of her lungs. We've laid down blankets around her playmat so that if she ventures off she won't have to get rug burn but it really doesn't make it much better. I think she's frustrated because she knows what she wants to do but hasn't really figured it all out yet. She'll get there sooner or later.

The only other new thing to share is that I have started going to acupuncture treatments. I know that sounds nuts since we are unemployed but the acupuncturist is giving me a deal and our parents are helping us out with some things. I'm going to get help for my PCOS and weight loss. I'm not getting help with my PCOS in order to get pregnant right now, just to regulate my hormones and get my cycle back on track because I currently don't have a cycle. What else is new, right? I felt great after the appointment. The needles didn't really hurt at all, especially after the number of needles I stuck myself with during fertility treatments. There was just one spot that hurt like holy hell and that was my right ankle. There was one in my right foot that hurt a tad, but the right ankle almost felt like it was sprained. She tried to be gentle with that spot but I didn't want her to take it out. It's a big spot for hormonal disorders. Clearly, as if I didn't already know, my hormones are all out of whack. It didn't hurt for too long, the pain eased up after a while. She did go deeper with the needles after 15 minutes or so. When she went deeper with the needle on my right ankle it was too much so she backed it out a bit. If any of you out there are afraid to try acupuncture because you don't want it to hurt don't let that keep you away. It really isn't meant to hurt and other than that one needle it didn't. After some time it shouldn't hurt as much and if it does hurt too much you just have to tell your acupuncturist and they can change the placement of the needles or not go as deep. You really should give it a try. It's well worth it. The needles are very thin, like a human hair. I love it. It's nice to have some time to myself, something that makes me a healthier person. I'll keep you updated on the acupuncture treatments.

So... Father's Day weekend! YAY!! Father's Day is also my birthday. My mom always said that if she knew I was going to be born on Father's Day she wouldn't have bought my father a gift. It's will also be the one year anniversary of when we told our families that I was pregnant with Aislinn. I'm choosing to make Father's Day all about Howie and we're going to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. I want his first Father's Day to be all about him. I'm so excited because I bought him so cool gifts, even though we're poor. Howie always gets screwed when it comes to gifts. His birthday is at the end of September. September is a big month because we have two other birthday and my parents anniversary. Once his birthday rolls around at the end of the month we've had to get other people gifts and pay bills so we're tapped out. We've never made a lot of money because of the kind of work that we do so we've always been pretty strapped at the end of each month. So, here we are in June. Both of us unemployed and it's Howie's first Father's Day. I can't just let that go by. He made sure that I had a great mother's day and he always makes sure that I have a great birthday. He never complains and is always saying that he's just happy to be spending his birthday with me even if we can't afford to do anything nice and I know he'd do the same on Father's Day. Not this time though. I know it's not about flashy gifts or anything, and we all know that Aislinn is a big enough gift for us both. I just want to do something nice for him, so I am. I bought him thoughtful gifts too, not just crap to say I got him something and spent money. I got him things that will make him happy and I can't wait for it to be Sunday.

Well, right now it's 2:00 am and I really should get my butt in bed because I have to get up early with Aislinn and get some work done that I should have had done a couple of days ago. I will leave you with a new picture of Aislinn eating squash and looking completely cute.


Les said...

YAY! New uber cute pics of Aislinn. So excited about the acupuncture. I am really enjoying it too. It's kinda like a spa treatment :)

Kayni said...

Hay, I go to acupuncture too. I used it to deal with pain on my left leg. It's been working really well. I'm glad to read an update you and the family. Hope all is well.

Brenda said...

awww she is so freakin precious! i'm so glad you are going to acupuncture now!! i just went to my first apt here in DC, i haven't gone since i left SF in january. it really is awesome, it's great alone and relaxation time, not to mention making yourself healthy time!!

i can't wait to come see you next weekend honey, hope all is well. :)