Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More About My Dysfunctional Body

So, I called my ob/gyn, Dr. Hot Stuff to tell her that the birth control wasn't exactly working 100%. I also called Nurse Killjoy. Dr. Hot Stuff's nurse called to say that I need to talk to my fertility doc, Dr. Sunshine, about my blood-gushing uterus because they don't want to tell me to do something that Dr. Sunshine wouldn't agree with. I totally understand but I called her because she told me to call her if the Yaz doesn't stop my period. Nurse Killjoy didn't call back today but I assume it's because she's waiting to get a response back from Dr. Sunshine before she tells me what the plan is. No matter what the plan is I know it's going to have to include the new fertility doc up here (we'll call him Dr. Newby for now) because I'm going to his clinic for the monitoring. However, I'm not officially a patient of theirs yet so I can't just wander in there begging them to PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE take a look at my uterus with the dildo cam and then give me something to make the bleeding stop. I have no idea why I'd bleed for two months straight while on birth control. My mom is a nurse and she seems pretty concerned about that. I usually convince myself that I have some kind of cancer in these situations, since Dr. Google hasn't given me any indication that it could be cancer I'm starting to convince myself that I'll end up needing a hysterectomy. This is what happens when I'm left up to my own devices. I just need someone to fix me or calm me down. It would be nice if someone just shook me and gave me a good smack across the face. Anyway, I'm sure I'm crazy and that I'm fine, I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be at peace again. My acupuncturist... I really need another name for her. I can't think of one so I just used the Hobbit Name Generator and it gave me Ivy Knotwise. So, let's just go with Ivy. Anyway, Ivy gave me a nice hardcore treatment on Saturday and sent me home with a bottle of herbs in tea pill form. I take 24 of the tea pills a day. I don't know, maybe it's working. It did look like my period was slowing down a few hours ago but sometimes it does that at night. I don't know. Tomorrow I could be having early labor pain type cramps and bleeding heavily again. I wish I knew what to expect.

I'm still worrying about Frosty. I'm starting to think that we should just go into debt and try to get a loan to make some fresh embryos. We could take frosty and a fresh embryo and put both in. If we're going to pay for a transfer, the drugs, and the monitoring why not go all the way? I know it's more but just doing the FET is expensive for something that has a low probability of working. My feeling is that if we're going to put an ass load of money down on making a baby we might as well go all the way and give ourselves the best chance we can. The whole thing has my stomach in knots. I know I need to focus on not getting stressed out. Maybe I should start going back to yoga? They have yoga for all the infertile stressed out ladies at the clinic up here. They have acupuncture too but I'm already seeing Ivy and I'm kind of attached to her now. I need to just calm the hell down.... and get some sleep. On that note I should get going. Night night!

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Anonymous said...

Hey let me know what they tell you about the bleeding. I was ALSO bleeding two months on YAZ so I just stoped taking it because it drove me insane! Then I got pregnant a couple months later. Curious to know whats up with the Yaz bleeding, your not alone on that one.