Monday, April 24, 2006

Up and Running

Well, here I am. I'm officially a blogger now! Ok, I know, calm down. I'm the last person on earth to have a blog, even my cat had a blog first. Ok, so, I guess I should introduce myself.

I'm 26 years old and I've been married to my husband for about 2 1/2 years, but we've known each other for 9 years. He's my best friend and I've always loved him. We live with our kitty, Kirby (otherwise known as Kooby Cat, Count Koobula, and Mr. Shmoof), and our chinchilla, Gavin. I know, Gavin is a weird name for a pet, but I was 18 and obsessed with U2 and all their friends??? So he's named after Bono's friend, Gavin Friday. I know, so stupid, I'm only explaining this to you because my father-in-law totally makes fun of me for naming my chinchilla Gavin. Ok... moving on...........................

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about two years now. The first year we tried on our own. Then about a year ago my husband and I found out that we both have fertility issues. I don't seem to ovulate. My OB/GYN sent us to a fertility specialist. Dr. Sunshine was very optimistic and felt that we would easily become pregnant within three or four IUIs. Technically she was right, I got pregnant after the first cycle, but then had a miscarriage. During the "you're having a miscarriage" call she tried to lift my spirits by telling me that many women have a miscarriage with their first pregnancy and that I should feel encouraged because "we now know that you can get pregnant". We've been through two more IUI cycles since then, and nothing yet. We are now in the beginning of our first IVF cycle. Dr. Sunshine feels that IVF is a sure thing for us, but we'll see. I'm trying to remain cautious. So, we'll see, even if it does work we have to get through three beta tests, then an ultrasound, and then the 12th week mark, and then to labor and delivery. Then I can I guess there is a life time of worrying about other things after that.

I know that it could be worse that two years, one miscarriage, and two failed IUIs. I know that there are many other women out there that have been waiting longer and who have been through much more, one of my best friends has been through more. I'm just sharing my experiences up to this point. So many other women and their blogs have helped me deal with what I've been through, and they inspired me to start my own blog.

So here I am. I'm going in for my second Lupron Evaluation tomorrow. I went in for the first one on Saturday, but my estrogen level was too high, so I'm going in again tomorrow. Our family doesn't know that we are starting an IVF cycle. We thought we were going to be taking some time off, we were planning to try again in July. However, Nurse Kill Joy informed us that if we wait that long we'll have to redo all of our blood tests. I was finishing up my birth control pill pack and asked if we'd be able to fit in an IVF at the beginning of May. They were able to squeeze us in, so we decided to keep it a secret for now. If it doesn't work then we don't have to go through telling our nine closest family members that we are still not pregnant. If I am pregnant and I have three beta tests and a heartbeat to prove it then we'll surprise them with the news. Then we'll make them all cross their fingers and pray until we get to the end of the first trimester!

It's been great talking... well... writing to you, but I have to get to bed. I need to be up bright and early to see Dr. Sunshine.


Chief Scientist said...

Welcome to the world of the internet, Amy. Did you know, they have it on computers now?? :-)

fisher queen said...

Good luck Amy!