Thursday, December 14, 2006


OMFG!!!! In 6 minutes I can finally test my blood sugar level. This whole fasting for 2 fucking hours when pregnant is bullshit. I'm chugging water to try to fill up my belly but SERIOUSLY!!! ALL THAT DOES IS CREATE A VERY SLOSHY ANGRY SEA IN MY BELLY AS MY DAUGHTER BEATS MY BELLY LIKE IT'S A DRUM AND RAMS HER HEAD INTO MY CERVIX! I feel sea sick! I'm so hungry that I'm dizzy and disoriented and I'm posting so that I can do something other than watch the clock while waiting to do my stupid ass blood test. At the moment my husband is enjoying somebody's birthday cake at work. All I can say is FUCK PEOPLE WHO CAN EAT CAKE!!! Sorry to all of you who eat cake, but I'm having a bad moment, I'm not myself right now. Ugh! All I want to do is eat ALL THE TIME now, and I can't. I have to eat a little and wait freaking 2 hours and then eat and then wait 2 hours. This waiting 2 hours thing is bullshit. I want to eat when I want to eat. I hope that she isn't born a minute past 6 weeks and 6 days because I look forward to the moment that I can start eating whenever I want again. Not only WHENEVER I want but I can eat WHATEVER I want. Yes, CAAAAAAAAARRRRRRBBBBBSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Seriously! But right now it's not even a carb problem because I'm dreaming about eating a large glazed ham, beef brisket, rotisserie chicken, and a very large turkey... ok... with A LOT OF STUFFING. I guess I do want carbs. After I eat all of those animals I'd like to have an entire package of Oreos or Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies and a gallon of milk. Instead I'm going to go have some boring salad and a burger with a low carb bun.

Thanks for helping me pass the time! Later!

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Brenda said...


I look forward to the time when you get to eat all that stuff too! And I'll be there!!!! We can carb load together :)