Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seven Weeks to Go!

Not much has changed since last week. We received the nightstand and bookshelf. Howie put the bookshelf together the day we got it and then we rearranged the nursery. We also bought a curtain rod for the window, more clothes, mattress, mattress pad, boppy, monitor, and a diaper champ for the living room. All we need now is the glider and curtains.

On Sunday we put the playard together. There's a place for me to hook up my iPod. We have it fully stocked with diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, and onesies. We finally bought me some pajamas, nursing bras, a robe, and a pair of slippers to wear at the hospital. I'll be packing that up in my bag tonight.

The low carb diet that the endocrinologist put me on is working. My blood sugar looks good, but I really do miss carbs. I've asked my mother to bring banana bread, beef noodle casserole, and some chocolate chip cookies after the baby is born. The first thing I'd like to do once she's born is overdose on carbs. I think I'm going to make some noodle kugel before I go into labor and freeze it. Howie and I are thinking of asking his mother for some matzo ball soup and the sweet meatballs she makes. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Right now I weigh 3 lbs. less than I did when I became pregnant. I was up to my pre-pregnancy weight but after starting this low carb diet I've lost weight again. Again, the doctors seem to think this is ok so I'm ok with it. I'm eating like crazy, it's just that I can't gain weight. I should shut up before people start throwing eggs at me. I'm not complaining. It's just ironic that I've always been so good at gaining weight and now that I'm pregnant I can't seem to do that. I know that I'm listing off high carb foods that I plan on eating once she's born, but I really am going to continue to eat healthfully once she arrives. Maybe I'll ask my mom to skip the chocolate chip cookies.

I've been having some Braxton Hicks contractions. Some hurt but most of the time it's just a cement hard belly and a tiny bit of pressure. My body is in training for labor. Woohoo!!!... I think. I don't mind having them and at this stage I guess it's normal. Seven weeks to go!

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Brenda said...

what is a braxton hick contraction????

i'm so excited for baby!!! see you VERY soon!