Friday, February 29, 2008

Dear Blogger, I was crazy! Don't let tired people blog. Hugs & Kisses, Amy

Blogger should require bloggers to prove that they aren't sleep deprived before they blog in order to prevent crazy ass entries like my last one. Maybe I should go to my acupuncturist twice a week to get some help with my sleeping habits. I always sleep better after a treatment, the rest of the time I lay awake thinking WAY too much. Doesn't matter how tired I am, I still obsess over anything that comes to mind and before I know it it's 4:00 AM.

Yes, it's not exactly early now but my head is slightly more clear. My head is always clear on Friday night. I can stay up late, the hubby is home and I know that he is here to make coffee and omelettes, to feed and play with Aislinn while I get to relax by having needles stuck in me. It's sweet. So the cramping, the sleepiness, the intense acid reflux, crying for no real reason.... pregnancy? ovarian cancer? I no longer think so. I'm pretty sure that it's just my angry old uterus getting sick of holding on to all of it's thick, heavy, useless lining. It's getting ready for a major purge but it's lazy and it takes it awhile to get going. I've been peeing on pee sticks like I have nothing else to do and they all laughed at me as the big NEGATIVE sign popped up in that little window. Damn pee sticks! The plan is to see my acupuncturist tomorrow for a hardcore session of needling. Hopefully I'll be getting hit with the big red wave soon. By now it has probably worked it's way up to being a big red tsunami.

On the baby fever front we're planning to make plans. Very exciting! I have an appointment with Dr. Hot Stuff on March 17th! Happy St. Patrick's Day to my unlucky charms. I'm expecting to receive some birth control and I will ask for the CA-125 blood test so that I can sleep at night. We will also discuss defrosting Frosty and all that good stuff. I'm already decorating Aislinn's "big girl" room in my head and redecorating the nursery for Frosty... but I know I should slow down because this whole process is unpredictable. I will hold off on any major design plans until I am good and pregnant.

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