Friday, January 26, 2007

Coming Soon?

Well, I guess no matter what Aislinn is coming soon, but my blood pressure was a tad high when I went in for my non-stress test today. 140/90. They didn't find any protein in my urine so right now there's no reason for me to be admitted to the hospital. Because of my family history they decided to have me do a 24 hour urine test starting tomorrow. I have a lovely jug that I will begin peeing in tomorrow morning. On Monday morning I will go in for some blood tests and drop off my jug o' pee before I have my last (I hope) biophysical ultrasound. The doctor will hopefully have the test results by the end of the day on Monday or early on Tuesday. If I have preeclampsia I will of course then be admitted to the hospital and have labor induced.

Other than that, Aislinn looks good! She was very responsive during the NST, as usual. The doctor was very happy with that. Now it's just a matter of time. One way or another we'll see her soon.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog. It helps to get opinions from others who are not directly involved. I think that it would be best to let Aislinn come whenever she wants and only induce if the doctor feels it's necessary, which may happen early next week anyway.

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