Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holy Shit!!

I had my second non-stress test today. When Dr. Hot Stuff came in to check on Aislinn's heartbeat she asked if I had talked to the Neonatologist when I went in for my last ultrasound at the hospital. I told her that I had and she asked if she had mentioned anything to me about wanting to induce labor. I was rather shocked and told her no. She told me that although Aislinn looks like she's pretty healthy she's not gaining too much weight so she'd like to move my repeat growth scan at the hospital up so that she can decide if they should induce labor next week! Can you believe that? Next week I could be holding my baby girl in my arms! Holy crap! I feel ok about it if they do because she is healthy, her lungs look good, her heart looks good, she's very active. All is good as far as we can tell except she isn't gaining much weight. So, whatever happens happens. We're ready.

During my ultrasound at my OB/GYN's office on Monday I asked if they could show me what she looks like in 3D since they have the 3D ultrasound machine. She looks sooooooooooo cute! I already suspected that and I also suspected that she looked just like her daddy. I was right! She looks just like Howie! I can't wait to see her on the outside!

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Kayni said...

I think all will be fine. Your baby is really cute. Can't wait to hear about her on your blogs.