Sunday, January 14, 2007


Not huge news really, but I woke up this morning around 6:40 am to pee. I felt more pressure in my neather regions than I usually do. I already determined about a week or so ago that the baby had dropped because I can breathe better, eat full meals, and I look like I'm carrying lower. Since then there has been a tad more pelvic discomfort, but not really pressure like I was feeling this morning. I checked the toilet paper when I wiped and saw some blood. It was a bit dark with just the little night light in the bathroom, but I yelled "WHAT??" and turned on the light. Not much blood in the toilet and nothing that looked mucusy exactly but I still figured it might have something to do with the mucus plug or my cervix thinning out. I walked out of the bathroom and said "Howie! I'm having some bleeding, not bad bleeding, I think good bleeding." Whatever that means. He was trying to wake up and understand what was happening and I said, "I think it might have to do with the mucus plug or something, I don't know." He jumped up and shouted "WHAT???" like it was time to go to the hospital. I reminded him that the doula and everyone else said that you could lose your mucus plug either right before you go into labor or two weeks before you go into labor, it doesn't definately mean anything. Then I noticed some cramping and I said, "but I feel a lot of pressure and some cramping." Lately I've been wearing just shorts to bed, no underware, but I decided this time that I should wear some underware and a pad just in case. With the cramps and all that pressure I was feeling I asked Howie, "Well, what should I do? Shower? Sleep? People say to do both, which do I do?" He told me to lay back down and try to get some rest. I looked around our messy bedroom and thought about how Howie had just torn down the wallpaper in our bathroom so that he can paint before Tuesday when we thought I could possibly be induced. I asked if maybe I should do some cleaning. He told me no that he'd take care of that. So, I did lay back down in bed and Howie cuddled up with my belly and started to talk to Aislinn hoping that she'd start to move around for us, which she did. The cramping I had been having had stopped for about 10 minutes and then started again. It felt different from the Braxton Hicks contractions, so I wasn't sure if that's what real contractions felt like. I had also started to shake and shiver, but I have no clue what all of that was about. I wasn't cold at all, it was just uncontrollable. One thing I thought was odd was that Aislinn's movements kind of hurt and would make me jump. I obsessed for a few minutes about some things that we had to do around the house before we go to the hospital IF this was labor and then fell back to sleep. We woke up around 11:30 am and I felt fine. A rather boring story, huh? I told my mother about what had happened and she said the same thing happened to her a few days before I was born, so maybe I won't have to be induced. Who knows, it could be nothing and even if it is something it could still take two more weeks and by then I could already have her because the Neonatologist may want to induce me on Tuesday. We'll see.

We continued to prepare for Aislinn's arrival today. We went to Home Depot to buy a new light for the upstairs bathroom and some decorative hooks to hang the letters that spell Aislinn's name that we bought a week ago. We also decided to buy a new light for above the sink in the kitchen. We already have a couple of other lights at home that we have to hang, but Howie is pretty quick about that so I'm sure they'll all be up by Tuesday unless Aislinn arrives before then. Howie finished painting the bathroom and it looks SOOOOOOOOO much better now. We went grocery shopping after we went to Home Depot so that we could buy ingredients for lasagna and noodle kugel. I will make both tomorrow and then pack them away in the freezer so that we have easy to make dinners after we bring Aislinn home. While Howie was painting the bathroom I cleaned the fridge, freezer, dishes, and laundry. After Howie finished painting the bathroom he came downstairs and said that he cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I don't know, I haven't checked, but I trust him. I'm honestly more concerned about the dust bunnies behind the door in the bedroom that we ALWAYS forget to vacuum up. I swear, I'll get to that this week.

Our glider was delivered on Friday. We had ordered a glider from Pottery Barn Kids sometime around Thanksgiving. They kept pushing the delivery date back because they had the glider on backorder. After changing the delivery date two times they decided to cancel our order all together and said we'd have to reorder. That was about three weeks ago. Even if we reordered the glider it wouldn't arrive until two to three weeks after Aislinn is due. So, instead we started hunting for gliders in our area. For some reason it's difficult to get a glider that has a cushion in ANY color other than brown on short notice. We ended up buying a glider with a shit brown cushion at this store that is going out of business. The glider was half off and didn't have a foot stool to go with it. Although the cushion was the ugliest shade of brown I had ever seen it was really comfortable. I could easily sleep in this chair. We thought about the missing foot stool and realized that we have a tiny stool at home with a cute needle point rose design that my great aunt had made. The colors were close to the colors in the rug we have in Aislinn's room. We decided to buy the glider with the ugly cushion and just have it recovered at an upholstery shop. First thing Saturday morning we brought the cushions to an upholster place nearby. The cute old man told us that it would take a week to do it, which was fine with us. Today we went in to give the upholstery guy a down payment because his credit card machine wasn't working and he had already finished one cover and was just about finished with the second. He told us that we could pick it up tomorrow!! How completely perfect is that? It looked pretty good so far so we're quite happy.

One last thing I did today was start sketching the pictures I wanted to paint for Aislinn's room. One is sheep jumping over fences and the other was going to be a cow jumping over the moon. I realized that I have absolutely no skill when it comes to drawing cows. The sheep were just fine, but cows? No way. I'll have to come up with something else. I'm not exactly sure what I'll decide on but by the end of the day tomorrow I will have two pictures painted and hopefully hanging in Aislinn's room. At that point everything will be completely finished and ready for her to arrive. Well, we will need to do some basic cleaning around the house, but for the most part things are looking pretty good. I've even had some time here and there to nap. And believe me, I've REALLY needed to nap A LOT!

Hopefully my next blog post will be more exciting, but we shall see. In the meantime I hope to catch up on some of your blogs before I become a Mommy.

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