Monday, May 15, 2006

Meet Our Blastocysts

Meet our two little blastocysts! The doctor said that the one on the left is "absolutely perfect, just the way it should be" and the one on the right is still developing into a blastocyst. I don't want to make anyone feel less than perfect, so after the transfer I told my little almost blastocyst... embryocyst... that both of them are perfect to us. If it was possible to give them a kiss I'd do it now!

Howie and I are very happy, very hopeful. I couldn't stop looking at the picture all the way home. We are so in love with them already. I don't really know what else to say. I'm trying to stay calm and not get ahead of myself, we have another 2 weeks before we know anything. Right now I'm enjoying this part. I'm just happy to see what we've done so far.


MoMo said...

Oh Amy!! I've been waiting all day for some update. They look beautiful...and you are correct they are perfect! I am so glad to hear that everything went well. Go take care of yourself and hoping for some good news in 2 weeks! Thinking of you!

Hopeful Mother said...

Best of luck, Amy. That picture is awesome - they are perfect.

I hope your 2ww goes by quickly and there is good news at the end!

Brenda said...

Oh patty cake! i was so excited when i saw your email this am! you better rest up and take it easy... its been a long road and i'm so excited for you!

xoxo love you!

sube said...

They're just beautiful. Congrats and may your 2ww fly by.

Les said...

I can't wait to spoil them both :)
At least we get to share this 2ww.