Monday, November 20, 2006

The Baby Shower and the Doctor Appointment

My baby shower was wonderful! I had a great time. The theme was Little Pumpkin and the colors were magenta, light pink, orange, and green. It was so good to see my family and friends, although I spent most of my time reminiscing with my friends. The gift table and floor around it was completely filled. Howie and my father-in-law crashed the shower to watch me open the gifts. We got our pack n play, high chair, ExerSaucer, baby papasan, and mobile. We also received many clothes, blankets, bibs, stuffed animals and books. I love them all. The big gift that is actually just on loan is the family bassinet. Everyone in the family since 1932 has slept in it. I guess the tradition is fairly new considering it started with my father's first cousin, but it's still nice that the family has one. There's a list of all the babies who have slept in the bassinet that we keep in a frame. Once Aislinn is born her name and birth date will be added to the list.

When Howie and I got home I couldn't wait to put some things away in the baby's closet. We received all of the closet organizers that we registered for and I just couldn't wait to see how well they organized!

Look at all of those diapers, two baskets full. The little critters in the blue wooden box next to the baskets are Scrubby Buddies from when I worked at Bath and Body Works many, many years ago. I've never used them, but I collected them all. Now they're discontinued but every once in a while they'll throw one into a gift set. I figured that Aislinn might like them, so there they are. Can you believe there are baby clothes in the closet? I couldn't believe it. I love to look at them. In 10 weeks I'll have a baby that will be wearing those clothes! Tiny itty bitty clothes! I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!! Yeah, I know that's old news but now that we have all of these baby things I'm starting to believe it.

And a little lamb to hang on the door when our little baby girl is sleeping.

I was thinking that I should buy Aislinn some rubber duckies because nobody thought to give us any. Seriously, look at that fleet of ducks. Don't mess with them! They will attack! Actually, I think it's a good thing that we have extras because I remember being totally in love with my rubber duckie when I was little, but after a while it got moldy inside and my mom had to throw it away and that just broke my heart. All I had left were my weebles in their boat and my sister's hand-me-down Barbie that was missing clumps of hair. Barbie was too tall for the weeble sailors and there was no room for her on their boat. The weebles were lonely and missed their aquatic friend, rubber duckie. Aislinn will never have to go through the trauma of losing her rubber duckie forever.
On Friday I received a call from my OB/GYN's office. The nurse told me that they got my blood test results back and I am anemic and have gestational diabetes. They told me that I have to take, no joke, 325 mg. of iron every morning and every night. Seriously, I'm going to need some collace with that. I then had to make an appointment with an endocrinologist, I went today at noon. Dr. S (the endocrinologist), gave me a blood glucose monitoring system, a diet record, and a list of foods and their carb content. She was surprised that I haven't gained much weight, but I told her that I lost a lot of weight in the beginning when I was sick and now I'm eating healthier foods. This seemed acceptable to her, she actually said that it's good that I haven't gained too much weight because it makes things with this gestational diabetes a little better. She explained how to use the monitoring system, told me that I'd have to check my glucose level four times a day, and then we went over the diet. Keep in mind I'm already avoiding sodium and caffeine in order to help avoid preeclampsia. Now sugar and carbs are banned from my diet. She would like me to ONLY drink water, but a little bit of milk is fine. I have to count the milk as a carb with my meals. I only get 50 grams of carbs per meal and milk is 20 grams, so she suggested that I take an extra calcium supplement. If I'm dying for sugar I can use splenda. I need to write down everything that I eat on my diet record and record the number of carbs eaten. Two hours after I finish eating I need to check my blood glucose level and write that down on the sheet. Once a week I will fax my diet record to Dr. S and we will discuss my week. In four weeks I have another appointment with her. If my glucose level isn't staying below 120 and I am following the diet then I will need to start taking insulin. So far (and I've only checked it once) it's working.
While I was at Dr. S's office her nurse took my blood pressure. Every time I've been to my OB/GYN's office it has been 120/70 or extremely close to that. Today my blood pressure was 126/88, which didn't seem to cause any alarm yet, but for me that is high. Not high enough to be dangerous or for me to be admitted to the hospital for preeclampsia, but I hope that it doesn't become a trend. I'm not going to freak out yet, but I have an appointment with another doctor at my OB/GYN's office on Monday and I'll talk to her about it then.


Brenda said...

Hey sweetie, love the pics of baby things! So freakin cute.

I'm mad for you and the health concerns that have come up now - but you seen to be handling them very graciously. You mentioned that you can't really have sugar, only Splenda - well, actually Splenda isn't all that great for you - have you tried Stevia? It's a natural herbal sweetner - its really good! They sell it in little packets like sugar, I've had it and it's good shit. Take a read: Ask you Dr. - although since its a "natural" substitute for sugar, a lot of Dr's are against natural methods, for god knows what reason - but I betcha its good for diabetics of all kinds.

Love you!!! Can't wait to see you and baby! xoxox

Brenda said...

oh - and when i say for "god knows what reason" i really mean bc it decreases pharm sales in general - but that's a topic for a whole nother place. lol.

love you.

Les said...

Love love love the pics of all the cute baby stuff! It's actually happening you are going to be a mommy :)

Love you three so much!