Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Single Digits!!!

NINE weeks to go!!! Seriously, we're down to SINGLE digits, people!!! I'm feeling pretty good about it too.

I had an OB/GYN appointment. I'm rotating different doctors in the practice as Dr. Hot Stuff wanted me to, so on Monday I met Dr. Talks-Too-Much. My appointment was at 10:00 am, I got there at 9:50 am or so. The waiting room was full and it seems that the back-up was from Dr. Talks-Too-Much. I waited for an hour before I was called in. During my appointment I discovered that I lost a pound since being on this crazy no carb/gestational diabetes diet. Whatever, nobody seems to be worried about it. My blood pressure was 120/88... the 88 is still higher than it usually is but it seems like it's no big deal... yet. We listened to the baby's heart and it was around 130 which she said was normal for this stage. Belly size is right on track. I also got permission to go ahead and have sex with my husband again!! Woohooo!!! I know, TMI and for some people that's just gross that we still want to have sex, but whatever. It'll be at least 6 weeks after the baby is born before I can have sex with him again and who knows how long it'll be before I have enough energy to want to have sex, so it would be nice to be with my husband BEFORE the little princess arrives.

On Monday night Howie and I bought the paint for the baby's room! YAY!!! The guy at the paint store mixed the wrong color first, it was a much lighter pink. He said that he wasn't going to charge us for it if we wanted to take that too. FREE paint! Howie took it without a thought. Now we have a gallon of light pink paint... what are we going to use it for? Howie's first thought was using it for the trim in the room. That's not going to happen, it's not in the design and the trim already looks so nice and perfectly white. His second thought was to paint our downstairs bathroom pink. We have a nautical theme going on in there at the moment and it's the one bathroom that our guests will see. Pink isn't the color for that bathroom. If he's dying to paint any room pink the only one I'd say yes to is our full bathroom upstairs, but even then I don't know. Howie and I both want that one to be blue. I think the only place that this light pink is acceptable is the baby's closet. We'll see, Howie didn't want to paint the closet. I'd paint it myself but I'm not allowed to do that. Last night Howie and I taped off the molding in the baby's room and tonight the painting begins!!! YAY!! Howie's parents ordered the crib, dresser, and rug on Sunday. This weekend my parents will be buying us the glider. My mother also wanted us to do the cord blood banking and told us that she'd pay for that. Howie and I are going to buy the bookcase and side table. I feel much more relaxed now that things are moving along in the baby's room.

I called the pediatrician's office yesterday. They took my info and told me that some guy would be calling me back to tell me when the next "Meet the Doctors Night" is scheduled. I didn't know that there was any such thing. It's nice that it takes place at night so that Howie doesn't have to take time off of work.

We still have a list of things to do. Next Wednesday we're going to go to the police department to learn how to properly install the car seat. My doula is sending us a list of postpartum doulas and baby nurses for us to interview. We're not going to have both, we just don't know which we want. My bag for the hospital is half packed and half of the outfit the baby will come home in is picked out. She'll be wearing the sweater and hat that Howie wore home from the hospital when he was a baby. Next Monday an exterminator is coming to our house to help us with our cockroach and fruit fly problem. The whole bug invasion is just gross. I think the bugs crawled into our boxes while our stuff was in storage, now they're living in our home. I want them out of here before the baby is born. I need to wash all of the baby clothes, blankets, and towels. The linen closet needs to be reorganized so that the baby tub will fit. After that we should only have a few things to organize and some baby things to put together. I'm hoping that being prepared for her to come at any time will make her want to stay in there until her due date. I know that if I wasn't prepared she'd come early.

Aislinn is getting really heavy. My back, right hip, and pelvis are killing me. I can no longer sleep on my side because it only makes the pain worse. Don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm being bad and sleeping on my back. I've been sleeping sitting up. It's actually a lot easier for me to get out of bed this way too. I am still using my Snoogle pillow. I kind of create a circle with it and put my butt in the middle so that the pillow goes around my back, hips and under my legs. I also have two pillows behind my back and my tiny kidney bean shaped pillow supporting my lower back. I think that's how I'll be sleeping until the end of the pregnancy. It'll be really nice to sleep any way I want after she arrives. Well, I'm sure by then any kind of sleep in any position anywhere will be nice.

I'm also looking forward to eating carbs and deli meat again. I'll continue to eat healthy, but it'll be great to have more variety in my diet. I can tell you that it will be a long time before I eat eggs again, because right now I eat eggs for breakfast and egg salad for lunch and it's REALLY getting old. It was just the easiest thing to do in the first week, we're coming up with other options. After the exterminator visits I'll be able to buy some Special K without worrying about cockroaches getting into it. Special K is one of the few cereals that don't have too many carbs. Howie isn't as worried about cockroaches in his cereal so he's still eating it. I hate watching him eat things like cereal, stuffing, mashed potatoes. If I didn't suspect that cockroaches and rolled around in his Lucky Charms I'd tackle him to the floor and inhale the entire bowl. I don't even like sugary bad cereals but at this point I'm desperate and I'd take it. I'd trade my scrambled cheese eggs for some Fruit Loops if I could. If I got my hands on some pancakes right now I'd probably cry and then kiss them all over. Our last trip to the grocery store was sad. I wandered down the baking aisle, ice cream aisle, and the bakery with my mouth watering. From time to time I'd pick up an item and look at the nutrition label and then with much disappointment and extreme sadness I would return the item to the shelf. I'm already day dreaming about what Aislinn's 1st birthday cake will be like just because I want to eat it. It's ok, my diet is making her healthier. I'm going to go eat some low carb yogurt now.


Anonymous said...

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kayni said... about the evil isle in the grocery store. I, too, try to avoid them, but the force is strong. Anyway, I hope you keep up with the self control with regards to the sweet stuff. I know what you're going through because my bf's sister went through IVF and is now having twins - she's GOT to HAVE a cinnamon scone every morning.