Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alter Egos

Howie and I both have alter egos. There's "Weekend Howie" and "Caffeinated Amy". Our alter egos are much more pleasant to be around. Weekend Howie is very relaxed and has a really good sense of humor. Caffeinated Amy appears when Weekend Howie drags her out of Regular Amy with either a venti caramel macchiato or a large Dunkin Donuts coffee. Caffeinated Amy instantly starts to create new iTunes playlists and updates her iPod. Music only makes Caffeinated Amy that much more desirable to be around. Caffeinated Amy is much like the second alter ego "Inebriated Amy". The one difference between those two is that Caffeinated Amy is a lot less sloppy than Inebriated Amy. Both Weekend Howie and Caffeinated Amy often get together and start power cleaning. Caffeinated Amy dances around singing to the music on her iPod while doing laundry, vacuuming, and general reorganization of the house. Weekend Howie often gets very flirtatious during the cleaning because he's very turned on by how motivated Caffeinated Amy is. These two usually emerge on a Friday night. The night usually ends with a nice shower and then they head to bed. Weekend Howie usually refuels Caffeinated Amy with a coffee on Saturday morning and sometimes even lights all the candles in the house so that Caffeinated Amy awakes to pleasant scents and a hot beverage while he makes breakfast which is sometimes served in bed. Occationally Caffeinated Amy will cook breakfast, but it is usually Weekend Howie because he's totally a morning person. The rest of the weekend is spent enjoying the clean house, watching movies and on sunny days a shopping trip in Westport or New Canaan.

Oh how I LOVE the weekends! Happy Weekend everyone!

Thanks to everyone who actually bothered reading my first paragraph, I'm high on caffeine. Also thanks to those of you who commented on my last blog. It makes me feel better to hear from you, a lot better.

We are about to head to bed because even though the caffeine is a major mood enhancer for me it doesn't keep me awake. I could close my eyes and be out for the rest of the night without any problem. Tonight will be Aislinn's first night sleeping in her own room. I'm sure she'll do better than I will. I had to give up the family bassinet to my cousin who just had a baby girl.


MoMo said...

Wow...breakfast in awesome is that! BTW, last night was B fist night in his own room too. He did pretty well, he woke up at the same time as if he was still in our room! I hope Aislinn (and you)had a good night last night! Also, keep us posted about the bleeding and what the doctor says. I am pretty sure it is nothing to be concerned about!

kayni said...

I envy people who could sleep even with caffeine in their system. I happen to have insomnia, so even with the tiniest of caffeine scares me. Take care...Kayni