Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dr. Google and My Uterus

I went in for my ultrasound on Monday to find out why I was still bleeding. First, I must say, the dildo cam hurts like hell right now. Just when I get the green light from the doctor and think that I might want to get it on with my husband again I get wanded and now I think I might need to wait a bit longer. It's still a bit tender where I had been stitched up. Anyway, moving on! The ultrasound tech did find something there. She appeared to be concerned, but didn't flip out. She decided that she had to look at it in 3D too. Then she decided to look at my ovaries which are COVERED in cysts right now. Woohooo! YAY PCOS!! So, she said that she would have the doctor look at the ultrasound and get back to me. I waited the rest of Monday to hear something, then part of Tuesday before Howie couldn't wait anymore and actually called the doctor's office himself. At the end of the day I got a call from one of the nurses saying that Dr. Hot Stuff had a half day and was working at the hospital so she wasn't able to take a look at the ultrasounds yet but they were going to have the ultrasounds faxed to the hospital office so that she could look at them on Wednesday. I waited half of the day on Wednesday before calling and left another message asking if they could please have Dr. Hot Stuff look at the ultrasounds and call me ASAP. Reason being that my curiosity got the better of me and I turned to Dr. Google. Dr. Google told me that worst case scenario I could have endometrial cancer. Maybe it's just a polyp or maybe it's cancer, who knows. It's not a piece of my placenta because that was completely intact. So, later that day I got a call back from the nurse. Dr. Hot Stuff had looked at the ultrasounds and said that it may or may not be something (NO SHIT!) but she'd really like to see me again for a follow up with her in the office. They transferred me to the receptionist who was unable to give me anything sooner than a March 28th appointment because they are moving to a new office. Whatever. I am sure that if it were possibly cancer, if she thought it was then she would have told the nurse to tell me I had to come in right away and they would have already checked the schedule for this week to see where they could squeeze me in. I'm not going to think about it right now because I'll make myself crazy. I already did while waiting to hear back from the doctor. I spent a lot of time crying just thinking about how I just had Aislinn and how sad it would be if I did end up having cancer and I was so sick I could barely do anything with her, or that I would miss out on things I would have done with her in the first year. Worse, what if I died and missed out on her whole life. She'd never remember me. I need to pull it together, it's so not cancer! I'm just nuts, and I should NOT consult Dr. Google.

Moving on to other things. Aislinn rolled over yesterday!!! I decided that since she hates tummy time right now that just putting her down for a few moments here and there is better than designating specific time to that. So after I change her diaper and need to wash my hands I put her down on her play mat on the floor. While I'm in the bathroom I can see her so it's not like I totally left her completely unattended. While I was washing my hands she rolled over! She does it all the time now, within moments of being placed on her belly. I guess that's what I get for forcing the tummy time on her, she found a way to get off her belly on her own. LOL! Anyway, here's a video of it.


D.K. said...

Yeah, I consulted with Dr. Google as well for my placenta percreta (that is currently under investigation). Basically, it told me that I have a very great chance of dying during the C-Section. So, of course, I did the same bout of crying and was just sure that I would be leaving behind my son , newborn baby, and husband. Meanwhile, after speaking with the actual Dr., she said that death is highly unlikely. Needless to say, Dr. Google is a bastard. Good luck with your follow up, and disregard Dr. Google's information.


Suzanne said...

Someone I know had a similar situation, though her bleeding was post-menopausal which is apparently cause for great concern. Her doctor said they were likely looking at one of two types of cancer, then refers her to a specialist that can't get her in for more tests for a month. So she freaks out for a month then has the more comprehensive testing which reveals that it's nothing - no cancer. They did a D & C and problem solved. Don't listen to Dr. Google, odds are it is NOT the worst case scenario and hopefully the tests will reveal that.