Friday, March 30, 2007


Poor baby! Yes, Aislinn had her first shots today and she definitely hated it. I've heard about babies not really realizing what's going on with the first shot and starting to cry on the second shot, not my baby. They inserted the needle and she let out a loud cry and it apparently stunned her so much that she didn't even want to breathe back in. Her mouth hung completely open void of sound, tears welling up in her eyes and her face was beet red. The nurse tapped her a bit to get her to just breathe in again and just let her crying out. She did and then didn't stop crying for 15 minutes. She looked kind of sad and groggy when we got home.

I changed her diaper and then breastfed her for about 45 minutes before putting her down for a nap. She woke up on her own 4 hours later and I fed her again. She slept again after that, right through her usual fussy time. I slept right through it too. She woke up a little bit after Howie came home. She was feeling a little warm so we took her temperature. Howie had watched them take her temperature at the hospital so he graciously agreed to take her temperature with the rectal thermometer. I had read online that she may poop AFTER we FINISH taking her temperature. That was a lie. While Howie had the thermometer in she started grunting and pushing. There it was - poop! She was pushing so hard that she pushed the thermometer right out. We had to do it a second time and she did have a temperature of 100.1. As I was cleaning her up and about to put on a new diaper some very liquid poo came shooting out of her butt. SHOOTING! That was the end of the poop. We cleaned her up and I gave her some liquid Tylenol. Now she's hanging out in her swing smiling at her Daddy. Things seem to be going well so far. Thank God! We have to give her a bath later because she's getting her picture taking in the morning. No, I wasn't stupid enough to schedule photos for the day after her shots, her shots had been scheduled for April 4th but the doctor's office called yesterday to reschedule the appointment for today. The doctor wasn't going to be in on the 4th.

I had my doctor appointment on Wednesday. They have just moved into their new office and everything is out of whack. I'll cut them some slack because I remember how crazy things were after we moved our office from one building to another and everything was all crazy for a few weeks. I was on time, which is almost shocking these days. The office was full of people who all seemed to be a little on edge because the office was running behind so everyone was waiting for a while. I waited an hour and watched people who had come in before and after me come and go. Finally one of the nurses called me back and explained that someone was supposed to call me that morning to tell me that Dr. Hot-Stuff had an emergency and wouldn't be able to see me so Dr. Talks-to-Much would see me instead at their office in the hospital which is back in the town where I live! The nurse was so sorry. So, instead of having me reschedule my appointment they were faxing my file over to Dr. Talks-to-Much at the hospital. She would look at the ultrasound and then call the new office where I was waiting and talk to me over the phone. Yeah! Seriously! I have to say, I don't care that I was talking to someone over the phone. I wish that Dr. Hot-Stuff would have just called me with the results two weeks ago. Anyway, I waited another 15 minutes before the nurse came back out to tell me that Dr. Talks-to-Much wanted Dr. Hot-Stuff to talk to me herself. So, they were going to have Dr. Hot-Stuff call me at home as soon as she got out of labor and delivery. Later that afternoon she called and told me that there was about half a centimeter of membrane left and there would be concern IF I was still bleeding because that would mean that my uterus wasn't contracting properly or something. I have stopped bleeding so everything is fine. I can't believe I waited two weeks to hear that. I mean, I had convinced myself that I had cancer and even wrote up a will. That's partly my fault for being totally nuts, but it would have been nice to not have to schedule an appointment to get that info. I know that they have been busy with moving and wrapping things up at one place and moving to the next place. I wish they had been more organized. They are a good group of doctors though, they're WAY better than the doctor I had in VA.

So that's my week. The weekend will be very busy with pictures being taken tomorrow and an early Passover dinner with Howie's parents on Sunday. The highlight of my weekend? You won't believe it. Here it is!

Yeah, a bottle of water. What you should know about me is that I am a bottled water snob. I love bottled water, sometimes for the actual taste of the water, sometimes for the bottles. In this case all I can say is that I am attracted to this bottled water for the bottle. I have been watching Courtney Cox drink it on Dirt and every wannabe designer on Top Design drink it. I went on a mad search over the internet for this exact water and ended up finding a picture of Lindsay Lohan drinking it. I magnified the picture as if I were on CSI except she was holding the bottle sideways and I was unable to read the gigantic letters spelling out V-O-S-S! Howie and I both searched google and both came up with VOSS water. Howie then hunted it down in NYC at some coffee shop across from his office and brought it home to me. I have been saving it for the perfect moment all week. This weekend I will drink it all up and maybe I will love the taste as much as I love the bottle. I don't know but I hope that I do!


MoMo said...

Amy-B didn't like the shots either. He ended up with a fever and was fussy all afternoon! I felt so bad for him. I am glad to her that everything is good with you and there is nothing to worry about! I agree with you, they could have told you this 2 weeks ago and save you all the worries!!

Les said...

a- i miss you so much and it sucks that i am missing out on baby a. work and life in general are just no fun without you. i need you to help me toss a few people off the balcony. kiss howie and the baybee for me :)

Alli said...

Poor little thing! Yeowch!