Monday, March 26, 2007

Two Months!!

Happy two month birthday to my preshus baybee!

How are we spending this exciting day? Well, I have returned to work and she is peacefully sleeping in her swing. All is good... so far.

Her two month doctor visit is next week. I'm dreading it. My little peanut has to get her shots. My heart is already breaking. I know, I know! She will be just fine. I'm just crazy.

My doctor appointment is on Wednesday. The doctor apparently called me to make sure that I had scheduled my follow up appointment. Whatever. I have no more to say until I go to the appointment. I'll probably feel like a total fool for being so worried because she'll probably tell me it's nothing.

Back to Aislinn. I don't want to jinx it but a couple of times in the past week her fussy time was shorter than usual and I think it was actually non-existent yesterday. I'm sure that fussy time hasn't completely disappeared and I guarantee that it will reappear today since it's my first day back at work, I'm just very grateful that it's on it's way out. She still hates tummy time but has started to enjoy bath time. We even get to see smiles during her bath. I love it!

She LOVES Daddy very much. We put her in her baby papasan while we were eating on Friday and she didn't take her eyes off of her Daddy throughout the entire meal. It was too sweet. She did the same thing while we gave her a bath this weekend. It's just too cute.

She now holds her head up 90% when on her belly and most of the time can hold her head still. She rolls over from belly to back. She likes to sleep sideways in her crib, even though we put her in the right way. She makes all kinds of cute little noises, smiles, and laughs. Her best friends are the two butterflies and one bird that rotate above her on her swing. She's getting to know Eli the Elephant but they're taking things slow.

She hasn't really noticed the cat, Kirby, yet. Kirby has definitely noticed her and has recently decided that she's not too bad. He doesn't mind being her big brother.

I have had more time to eat during the day, which is great. Not just eat but also to prepare food. That means I'm back to eating all my happy healthy foods. Woohoo! Ok, lunch is easy for now because soon after lunch Aislinn may get fussy and there's no time for anything until dinner. So lunch is going to be soup or a quick sandwich. Breakfast is a variation of Dr. Oz's (Oprah's doctor) morning shake. If you make it his way it's kind of bland and all you can taste is protein powder, so I add more juice. Any juice will do. I also use strawberries instead of blueberries. Either will do. Then I have eggs with onions and cheese. Dinner is usually chicken of some sort and LOTS of veggies. I LOVE veggies. If there is time for a snack I'll have baby carrots and hummus. I still miss the hummus from Spice of Life Cafe in VA. Their hummus is so smooth and tasty. I have also been chugging water and taking walks whenever the weather and Aislinn will permit. Soon I will be joining a gym and starting Mommy and Me Yoga. I can't wait to start exercising again.

Ok, well, I need to get back to work and pretty soon I'll have to feed Aislinn. I'm feeling pretty confident today that I'll be able to do both at the same time. We'll see how I feel at the end of the day. Hopefully it'll all go well.


MoMo said...

Wow...2 months! That is awesome! I hope that work and taking care of Aislinn went well yesterday. I went back to work yesterday too--it was hard being away from B for so long. I am not sure how long this will last, but I will give it a whirl! BTW, we are moving in the West.ches.ter area in May...maybe if you are interested we can meet! I don't think it is that far from Conn. Let me know! Good luck on the doctor's appointment tomorrow!!

Sarah said...

It is amazing that 2 months have gone by so fast...she is a real cutie! Too bad about going back to work. I can't imagine having to go back right now. My two had their shots last week...ohhh it was bad 4 shots for each of them...probably more painful for me than them!