Monday, March 05, 2007

One Month

Aislinn had her one month physical on Monday. She now weighs 8 lbs. 3 oz. and measures 21 1/4 inches in length. She's getting so big so fast! She's holds her head up like a two month old and she is getting closer to rolling over. She's doing very well. Our next appointment is in four weeks. I'm not really looking forward to that one because that's when she'll be getting her first set of shots since she was born.

Aislinn has been a little more difficult during the day. Today she barely slept at all. Maybe 15 minutes here or there, but ONLY if I was holding her. Around 3:00 pm I had decided that since she was fed, burped, and her diaper was changed that she was simply crying because she was either bored or tired. I tried putting her in the swing and putting her on her playmat. Neither one entertained her. I sat with her and talked to her but that didn't help. I figured since she really hadn't taken a nap that she must be tired, so tired that she's just completely out of her mind. I tried to put her down for a nap but she cried. So, at 3:00 pm I put her crib in her room rather than the bassinet next to my bed. I turned on the monitor so that I could hear her, but I decided I'd let her cry it out for a while. I just simply couldn't do anything else for her and I needed a break from the screaming and crying. I put her in her room because seeing her little face when she cries just breaks my heart. She did alright, she cried a bit but was quiet for the majority of the hour. At 4:00 pm I went in to change her diaper and feed her. She started to cry again during her feeding, it wasn't my let-down reflex because I had pumped before feeding her and I'm trying to just use one side at a time. Burping her seemed to piss her off even more, no matter what position I put her in. She wasn't happy no matter what I did and this continued until 8:00 pm. Now she's fast asleep in her swing. She has been sleeping 5 to 6 hours at night, so I guess I should just be happy. Howie and I might get some time off this weekend. We're considering going to a surprise birthday party for our neighbor and leave Aislinn with Howie's parents. We're not 100% sure that we're going to go, but if we do I can guarantee that I will be relaxing with a few glasses of wine! Anyway, I am going to go to bed in just a few moments so that I will be prepared for tomorrow. If there is anything that I don't mind about the fussiness it's the cute little pouty face that Aislinn makes when she cries.


D.K. said...

We had a bout with the crying all the time when my son was a month old. I finally took him into the ER and found out he had an ear infection. It's so hard to ID what's wrong with such a small baby:(. Good luck to you.

Jennifer said...

Lizzy always gets fussy like that and refuses to nap when she's having/about to have a growth spurt. The doctor told me it can make them cranky because they're body is doing so much growing that it's exhausting.

Also, if you haven't tried this, run the vacuum cleaner when she's crying. It calms Lizzy down, and I have a friend whose daughter when through a stage where that was the only way she'd sleep. They like all that white noise.

Good luck :)

MoMo said...

Oh Amy, do I hear you. B is the same way...he is a terrible naper and cries because he is so tired and he can't fall asleep. Hang in there.

Brenda said...

awww her little face is so cute! so great seeing her, she's precious!!!